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Founded in 2002, Power Unit Youth Organization is a youth-driven non-profit organization based in the Greater Toronto Area, striving to promote youth development and empowerment through philanthropy. Run by youths, for youths, we plan and execute events to show the impact one can make in the community while encouraging the act of giving back. Through organizing philanthropic projects, youths are given the opportunity to grow, self-explore and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

PUYO Vision: To Believe. To Act. To Care.

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Each year, passionate youth of Power Unit Youth Organization vote on a charitable initiative to support throughout the year. All on-site proceeds go towards a selected beneficiary charity. To date, Night It Up! and Power Unit Youth Organization has contributed over $143,000 to various charitable initiatives in the GTA. Stay tuned for beneficiary activations and how you can help.


Night It Up!

Our flagship project is a combination of youth spirit and social responsibility resulting in a three-day night marketing celebrating Asian food and culture.

The E3 Challenge

A hands-on business competition complete with mentors and workshops for youth to gain valuable real world experience.

Level Up Career Conference

The Level Up! Career Conference is an opportunity for youth to learn about and explore different career paths by connecting youth with real world professionals who are put into distinctive subject panels with a mix of professional work and unconventional careers.



trained youth leaders


fundraised for local charities


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With 150+ current members from age 15 - 26, our roles include but are not limited to
project management, marketing, stage management, community relations and contingency planning.

Longfei Chen

Executive Co-Lead

Since joining Power Unit Youth Org. in 2017 participating in the Night It Up! Night Market project I've had the great opportunty to work with many talented indivduals in a diverse mix of industries gaining insight and skills to apply to my personal and professional career. The organization provided me with countless opportunities to grow and discover, I am excited to see what the future holds.

Mei Fang Chen

Executive Co-Lead

Stephanie Ho

Clement Lau

Executive Advisor

I’ve learned many valuable skills and lessons throughout the 7 years that I’ve been with PUYO. By advising on the strategic direction of PUYO, I want to ensure that the next generation can also benefit from such an opportunity.

Joanne Leung

Finance Director

Hey! I’m Joanne and I’m currently studying accounting and finance at the University of Waterloo. I first joined PUYO back in 2019 as a finance intern. Since then, I have had the chance to develop my leadership and and technical skills while being mentored by industry professionals. I’m excited to serve as the Finance Director this year, and I look forward to making an impact in the community!

Jasmine Plumb

Creative Director

I always admired the dedication and professionalism the youth in PUYO had in organizing their flagship project Night It Up! Today, I have the amazing opportunity to plan and grow the Level Up Career Conference and oversee the creative direction of PUYO. I am thrilled to use design to give back to my community and youth, and to learn and grow from my accomplished peers.

Samantha So

Youth Development Director and LUCC Co-Chairpersron

Over the past 5 years, PUYO has given me many opportunities to grow my leadership skills through hosting Level Up Career Conference and skills workshop with a team of dedicated volunteers! I love to work in projects with others to enact the PUYO values which are also my own!

Christine Wang

Marketing Director

My name is Christine and I am a recent business graduate from Western University. I joined PUYO two years ago after being introduced to the organization by a friend and have been working with the PR & Marketing team ever since. Throughout my time with PUYO, I have been able to develop useful skills in areas that I am interested in while also forming many meaningful connections along the way. I look forward to being a part of the organization’s mission to create a positive impact in our community and am excited to see what this year will bring.

Richard Yu

Web Director

Power Unit Youth Organization was first exposed to me at a local youth fair. Learning that events such as Night it Up! and Level Up Career Conference were run by youth astonished me! PUYO is one of the most dedicated, passionate and professional groups of youth I have ever seen. This is my second year in PUYO and I believe that all individuals, regardless of age should take an active role in their communities. One way to achieve this would be to join and participate local groups or organizations such as Power Unit where you will have access to a huge network of like-minded individuals who you can lean on for help and guidance!

Jessica Peng

Level Up Career Conference Co-Chairperson

Jenny Zhu

Level Up Career Conference Co-Chairperson

I joined PUYO looking for experience in my field before graduating university; several of my high school friends had been involved with the organization for years, so I gave it a shot. What came of it was not only a great resume boost, but a year of incredible personal growth and professional development. Three years later I’m still here hoping to help other develop their skills and hopefully learn more about themselves as well!

Sharon Gao

The E3 Challenge Co-Chairperson

Christopher Young

The E3 Challenge Co-Chairperson

I participated in The E3 Challenge during the summer of 2019. While I have had extensive experience with other case competitions, The E3 Challenge has definitely taught me the most when it comes to both business knowledge and increasing my skill set. With the hands-on learning The E3 Challenge comes with, I am excited to be the Co-Chair of The E3 Challenge for the 2020-2021 year to give other students the same opportunities I had to explore and develop a passion for business.

Kenneth Lo


PUYO provides me the opportunity to help others grow, learn, and develop valuable skills for their careers, all the while giving back to our community.

Sally Woo


Empowerment has played a large role in shaping who I am today. I aim to pay it forward with PUYO - youth dedicated to learning and making an impact.

Laura You


I have been with PUYO for over 8 years now, creating a strong community. I hope to provide the same guidance and mentorship PUYO has given me to the next generation of PUYOers.

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Dennis Flaherty


Legal Advisor

Justin G. Persaud, J.D., LL.M.


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Zach D. Ho

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Annie Lim

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David Markwell

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Kester Ng

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Alexandra Lam

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  • PUYO Annual Award
  • PUYO Service Awards
  • PUYO Awesome Awards


  • Two $500 PUYO Scholarships


  • Various workshops available to all members
  • Resume Review Service

Leadership Development

  • Leadership Conference
  • PUYO Annual Retreat

Community Involvement

  • Community Service Hours available
  • Access to External Awards and Scholarships
  • Working directly with community partners and beneficiary
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