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"As a high school student, I never joined many organizations. Power Unit keeps my social life occupied and teaches me about leadership, communication and time management. Here, in Power Unit, everyone is so close to each other and I always feel the warmth of love when I am with Power Unit. These are incredible people because they are hardworking and committed. Together, we accomplish amazing things."
- Charmaine Yip

"Although it's been a mere three months since I joined PU, this vibrant community has already enabled me to gain many rewarding experiences. I was first introduced to the PU members at the Christmas party, but it was, believe it or not, enough to tell me that I had definitely made the right decision to join. Not only were they warm-hearted and welcoming, but through the great organization of the party, it became evident that PU was also a group of dedicated, hardworking, and team-oriented individuals. At PU, we are friends, we are family, and we are the promising leaders of tomorrow."
- Jenny Liu

Want to make a difference in your community?

Want to meet empowered youths?

Then JOIN Power Unit!

A non-profit youth organization aimed at promoting youth leadership and entrepreneurship, we are looking for creative and committed individuals with different skill sets who are ready to make things happen.

Power Unit is run by youth for youth.

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We are looking for individuals who are:
  • 16-26 years old
  • Future leaders
  • Community-oriented
  • Passionate
  • Dedicated
  • Willing to learn
  • Team players
  • Able to multi-task
  • Adept at meeting deadlines
Some examples of what Power Unit members do:
  • Manage projects in a team setting
  • Organize and execute large events
  • Liaise and volunteer with other organizations
  • Recruit performers and manage the stage
  • Research beneficiaries, promotional opportunities and equipment needs
  • Design promotional material
  • Develop material for media
  • Learn contingency planning
  • Learn sales and marketing skills
  • Write proposals
  • Budget
  • Create new projects