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Founded in 2002, Power Unit Youth Organization is a youth-driven non-profit organization based in the Greater Toronto Area, striving to promote youth development and empowerment through philanthropy. Run by youths, for youths, we plan and execute events to show the impact one can make in the community while encouraging the act of giving back. Through organizing philanthropic projects, youths are given the opportunity to grow, self-explore and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

PUYO Vision: To Believe. To Act. To Care.

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Each year, passionate youth of Power Unit Youth Organization vote on a charitable initiative to support throughout the year. All on-site proceeds go towards a selected beneficiary charity. To date, Night It Up! and Power Unit Youth Organization has contributed over $113,000 to various charitable initiatives in the GTA. This year, we have partnered with ALS Double Play. Stay tuned for beneficiary activations and how you can help.


Night It Up!

Our flagship project is a combination of youth spirit and social responsibility resulting in a three-day night marketing celebrating Asian food and culture.

The E3 Challenge

A hands-on business competition complete with mentors and workshops for youths to gain valuable “real world” experience.

Level Up Career Conference

The Level Up! Career Conference is an opportunity for youth to learn about and explore different career paths by connecting youth with real world professionals who are put into distinctive subject panels with a mix of professional work and unconventional careers.



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fundraised for local charities


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With 150+ current members from age 15 - 26, our roles include but are not limited to
project management, marketing, stage management, community relations and contingency planning.

Laura You


What started off as an activity to meet new friends and boost my resume in high school became something I am still dedicated to. I began as a general volunteer at Night It Up! and 7 years later through roles in various teams and projects, I have worked my way up to the role of President. During my time at PUYO, I have learned so much about myself and the organization. It has allowed me to gain confidence in my leadership and communication skills. Power Unit Youth Organization has provided me with many opportunities and empowered me with the skills and qualities I have brought with me to my university and work life. As I continue to learn more about myself, I hope to also provide the same guidance and mentorship PUYO has given me to the next generation or PUYOers.

Clement Lau


I started my career in PUYO as a general volunteer for Night it Up! 3 years back, where I first discovered my interest for the organization. I joined the Logistics team for NiU! the year after thinking that it’d be like any other extracurricular, but the experience and connections that I got in return was unparalleled by any committee that I’ve been on in the past. PUYO has provided me with many opportunities to improve my leadership and communication skills, along with technical skills that would not be taught in school. PUYO started off to be just another organization, but once you get to know everyone, you become part of a tightly knit family that work together to plan and execute events.

Wendy Luu

Beneficiary Director

PUYO provides youths the opportunity to develop leadership skills, build empowerment, and giveback to the community through various projects. I hope to show others the many different ways they can grow and find self fulfillment through PUYO. Working with such passionate people fosters motivation in myself to do something bigger and create a positive impact in someone else’s life. I am grateful to be apart of such an inspiring organization.

Zoe Chiu

Sponsorship Director

I first joined PUYO two years ago as an opportunity to give back to my community and to add something new to my resume. As a shy teenager who was learning to transition into university, this organization has offered me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and take on challenges that have helped me develop skills that will be beneficial throughout my lifetime. Joining PUYO is something that I would definitely never regret!

Bonnie Liu

Events Director

For the past two years I was involved in PUYO’s Events Team, where I helped plan events such as PUYO's Annual Christmas Party and Night It Up!’s Opening Ceremonies and Press Conferences. Through this role and through PUYO's training workshops, philanthropic initiatives and teamwork opportunities, I met new people, developed my hard and soft skills and became more engaged in my community. PUYO's supportive environment and drive to share its 'YEP' values truly inspires personal growth; for that reason, I am proud to be and continually be part of this amazing family.

Linda Wang

Finance Director

I first came across The E3 Challenge in grade 11 when I googled “summer business competition” and what was originally a summer commitment turned into something that has made a big impact on my life. After spending the summer as a participant in The E3 Challenge a few years ago, I went on to became a Peer Advisor, followed by becoming a Recruitment Associate and serving as the E3 Project Accountant last year. What amazed me was how much responsibility is given to each individual in the organization and how much opportunity is given to everyone to learn and develop. I’m excited to join the PUYO executive team this year and look forward to getting involved in all the different projects!

David Wang

Administrative Coordinator

I first joined Power Unit as a recruitment associate on the E3 Challenge last year in hopes to improve my communication and teamwork skills. Through my experience with the E3 team, I was able to broaden my knowledge about the organization and work alongside many hardworking and passionate individuals to network and make new friends. I'm excited to join the Power Unit Executive team as the Administrative Coordinator and look forward to getting involved and learning more about all the initiatives of this great organization. I highly recommend anyone looking to get involved in their community to join the PUYO family.

Frank Wong

Youth Development Director

I have been involved with PUYO for 6 years. Originally, I began my journey as a volunteer seeking to fulfill my high school community involvement requirements. Throughout the years, I became heavily involved as a regular team member of the NIU! Volunteer Resources Team and as NIU! Communications Coordinator. PUYO has given me experiences and opportunities that I would have never imagined. The valuable skills I have learned and friendships I have built are indescribable. PUYO’s welcoming environment has provided an incredible opportunity to meet amazing and talented individuals who challenge, empower and motivate each other. As cliché as it sounds, PUYO quickly became my second family and without it, I would not be the person I am today.

Elizabeth Wong

Creative Director

A friend introduced me to PUYO and I started out as a creative team member for two years. Now I am taking on a leadership role as the creative director. I decided to take on this role to strengthen my leadership skills and broaden my professional network. PUYO definitely provides countless opportunities for growth and development and I am excited to take them on this journey as a creative director along with the PUYO family.

Teresa Le

Web Director

I've known about Power Unit for several years now, and last year, I finally joined the Web team. I don't regret joining -- if anything, I regret not joining sooner! Joining PUYO has allowed me to apply my knowledge from the classroom, continue to self-develop, network and meet new people, and give back to the community.

Yunn Lam

PR & Marketing Director

I remember first joining Power Unit as a volunteer at Night It Up! helping everyone set up, cleaning and doing traffic control. From there, I decided to be more involved and try different roles and join the NIU! VRT team. It was a great experience being able to meet and work with so many people. Last year I decided to take on different roles as the Logistics Lead in Art Takeover, a Peer Advisor for E3 and the Associate Director for PR & Marketing. This year, I’ve decided to take on the challenge as the PR & Marketing Director to expand our organization and attract more volunteers to join through different platforms!

Xiao Guo

Night It Up! Chairperson

My experience with PUYO has been filled with great people first and foremost. Working with such motivated individuals has fostered motivation in myself and has kept me in the organization for the 7th year now. I believe that the impact PUYO has had on me is something that will last forever and I will try my best to pass on that same passion and motivation to current and future PUYOers.

Emily Tseung

Night It Up! Vice Chairperson

Being in PUYO has definitely made me a more confident and outgoing person. I've been with this organization for 8 years and I started at the bottom as a Night it Up! volunteer in 2010. Through these 8 years, I've joined various teams within NIU! and this year I decided to step up and take on a leadership position as the Vice-Chair for NIU! this year. PUYO has taught me so much in terms of working as a team, leadership, and the ability to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. I've met many of my close friends (older and younger!) through this organization. The environment PUYO provides contains so much positive energy and provides a lot of learning opportunities that you can't really get anywhere else.

Mandy Ng

Night It Up! Vice Chairperson

Like many, I started out my PUYO journey as a high school student hoping to fulfill my volunteer hour requirements. That was almost 6 years ago. Over the years PUYO has given me experiences and memories that I would have never imagined for myself. I've made friendships that I know will last a lifetime and I've gained skills that I continue to use and improve upon. If you asked me 6 years ago if this was the me I envisioned for myself I would have laughed and said 'not in a million years'. As I continue to grow and learn I'd like to say thank you PUYO for giving me these opportunities!

Sally Shi

The E3 Challenge Chairperson

Last summer, I was a peer advisor for the E3 Challenge and learned a lot from that experience, including how to adapt to last minute changes and how to attain sponsorship. I joined PUYO this year because I wanted to improve my leadership skill and to interact with more people. I feel that I can learn a bit from everyone, including their point of view on certain issues and their outlook on life. This year, I hope that the skills I've developed from my other extracurricular and work experiences can bring value to this organization.

Carmen Li

Art Takeover Chairperson

Through my time as a general volunteer I was able to make a lot of friends as well as acquire and develop a lot of skills. Now taking on a larger role in PUYO as the Art Takeover Chair, it is challenging me to step up and out of my comfort zone. Working with such motivated individuals and giving back to the community, all the hard work at the end of the day feels worth it.

Lola Yang

Level Up Career Conference Chairperson

Power Unit has been such a rewarding experience for me, where I am able to develop my leadership skills but at the same time meeting lots of talented and dedicated individuals whom I was able to learn a lot from. PUYO is an organization that welcomes everyone to be part of the family, and it is never too late to join!

Rosana Zeng


PUYO gives our members ownership of projects, providing them with experience, confidence and passion to achieve anything they set their mind to.

Franca Tam


PUYO is a family of passionate, influential and inspirational youth that gather to empower themselves and give back to the community.

Doly Begum

Community and Government Relations

It is inspiring and rewarding to be a part of PUYO, an organization which engages youth and empowers them to be the agents of positive change.

Kenneth Lo


PUYO provides me the opportunity to help others grow, learn, and develop valuable skills for their careers, all the while giving back to our community.

Sally Woo

Public Relationships & Marketing

Empowerment has played a large role in shaping who I am today. I aim to pay it forward with PUYO - youth dedicated to learning and making an impact.

Alice Chan


PUYO provides youth the opportunity to discover, learn and empower their skills to better prepare themselves for the future.

Andrew Trac

Youth Development

By joining PUYO, I aim to empower a new generation of leaders to innovate and respond to growing challenges brought by technological and social disruption.

Cheryl Ng


Over the years, PUYO became my 2nd family and empowered myself to focus on youth development and the community. Without PUYO, I wouldn't be who I am today.

Sherman Chiu


I joined PUYO because I wanted to be a part of an organization that truly values fostering the next generation and giving back to our community.

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  • PUYO Annual Award
  • PUYO Service Awards
  • PUYO Awesome Awards


  • Two $500 PUYO Scholarships


  • Various workshops available to all members
  • Resume Review Service

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  • Leadership Conference
  • PUYO Annual Retreat

Community Involvement

  • Community Service Hours available
  • Access to External Awards and Scholarships
  • Working directly with community partners and beneficiary

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