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Time to Celebrate!

Come out to our Volunteer Appreciation Party and Awards Ceremony for Night It Up! on August 18th! 

RSVP at the following Facebook events!

NIU! Volunteer Appreciation (FB)
Date: August 18th
Location: Woodbine Beach
Time: 12pm-5:30pm

NIU! Awards Ceremony (FB)
Location: 18 Sommerset Way, M2N 6X5, Main Floor Sommerset Room (Ling’s Condo Party Room)
(in the party room)
Time: 7pm – 11pm

Make sure to come and have fun with us!

Calling for Nominations: PUYO Annual Awards!

Inline image 1

Want to show some appreciation to your fellow PUYO-ers? This year, the brand new PUYO Annual Awards Program is launched to recognize our superstars and unsung heroes who went above and beyond their roles. It is done through a nominations process, where any PUYO members can submit nominations and be nominated.

Go ahead and nominate someone you think deserves some recognition! For Nomination Form, please download at http://power-unit.orgDeadline: Friday, August 31st, 2012. For more information or to submit completed nomination form(s), please email awards@power-unit.org.

PUYO year is not over yet! There are still many exciting things happening!

1. E3 Challenge, our business challenge, is in progress and our participants are learning lots!

  • E3’s Tim Horton’s Challenge – August 8th
  • E3 Social – August 11th 12noon
  • E3’s Red Flag Deal Challenge -August 16th
  • E3 Awards Ceremony – August 18th

2. Cheque Presentation Ceremony to Make A Wish- mid-to-late August. This will be a fun social to wrap up the summer. Stay tuned!

3. Milliken Children’s Festival Sept 8th – PUYO will be hosting a booth to fundraise at the Milliken Children’s Festival, an annual event held in Markham that attracts over 30,000 kids and families! It’s an exciting event and we hope to host a really fun games booth there! If you would like to help with this event, please email Cheryl at Cheryl.Ng@power-unit.org.

4.  Harbourfront’s Fortune Cooking – Sept 16th – Hosting a 20x20ft tent by the waterfront, PUYO will bring an artistic side to Harbourfront’s Fortune Cooking event! There will be a lot of arts & crafts interactive activities. If you are able to help, please email Cherry at Cherry.Cheng@power-unit.org.

5. Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Sept 29th – Please book off this date for our annual elections and to welcome a new year of executives! More details to come!

… and more!!! STAY TUNED!

If you have any questions about any of these events, please email Cherry at Cherry.Cheng@power-unit.org.

Hey PUYOers! Looking for volunteer hours?

Formosa Cultural Society Ontario is hosting a very interesting event this coming weekend, Street Banquet at Metro Square. Check out the following types of volunteer positions and sign up now!

Street Banquet Setup/Strike
Friday, August 3, 11am – 5pm (6 volunteers)
Sunday, August 5, 8pm – 11pm (2 volunteers)

Street Banquet Food Prep
Friday, August 3, 11am – 7pm (8 volunteers)
Saturday, August 4, 10am – 5pm (8 volunteers)
Saturday, August 4, 5pm – 11pm (8 volunteers)
Sunday, August 5, 10am – 5pm (4 volunteers)

On-Site Volunteers
Friday, August 3, 4pm – 11pm (27 volunteers)
Saturday, August 4, 11am – 5pm (29 volunteers)
Saturday, August 4, 5pm – 11pm (29 volunteers)
Sunday, August 5, 11am – 5pm (29 volunteers)
Sunday, August 5, 5pm – 10pm (29 volunteers)

CIVICUS World Assembly

The CIVICUS World Assembly is a large gathering for civil society where near 1000 delegates from over 80 different countries meet in order to strengthen citizen action. The event will be held for the third year in a row, in Montréal, from the 5th to the 7th of September 2012. It will be preceded by the CIVICUS Youth Assembly, where hundreds of young people will reunite and work with other participants.

As the host of the event, Institut du Nouveau Monde plans to promote the event in several ways, especially by sharing information through the communities and organisms from both Quebec and Canada.

In order to foster the Youth Assembly, will you be willing to support us in our approach by sharing information regarding the CIVICUS World Assembly 2012 through your networks, newsletters, social media (Facebook, Twitter), and any other communication medium at your disposal?

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Reflection & Appreciation!

Now with 2 of our 3 projects over, it’s time to reflect on our experience! PUYO Youth Development Director, Doly Begum, is currently rolling out evaluations where team leads, chairpersons and executives can obtain feedback from their fellow peers! In doing so, we would think back on our experiences with one another and help each other improve for the future!

In case you haven’t gotten enough of NIU! and PAT, here are some photos and video updates!

NIU! Photos
PAT Photos
Our YouTube Channel

If you have any feedback/comments about the events and/or suggestions for improvement, please email Cherry at Cherry.Cheng@power-unit.org before any important thoughts go away!

Lastly, we’ll be having our NIU! Volunteer/Organizer Appreciation Party. Click here for more details!

E3 Challenge – Challenge 2

After two weeks of planning, soliciting sponsors and prizes, as well as 3 nights and 2 days straight at Night It Up!, getting patrons to play their games, our E3 participants are moving onto Challenge 2! Tim Hortons Challenge has begun and participants are now scratching their brains out to prepare a recruitment campaign for a well-recognized chain store. Good luck to our E3ers!

Here are some photos from our Challenge 1: click!

Entrepreneurship Conference

“Enlight”, a Toronto based non-profit Organization, is the young professional division of Chinese Professionals Association of Canada (CPAC). Enlight is an organization devoted to build professional platform for Asian background young professionals to provide better access to jobs and networking opportunities. Their committee members are also new graduates and students.

They are hosting an Entrepreneurship conference on August 2nd @ 7pm! Full details are available at registration page: http://enlightentrepreneurship.eventbrite.com/. If you are interested, please:

1) Register on their event page
2) Let Cherry know at Cherry.Cheng@power-unit.org that you will be attending

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