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Our goal is clear.  As a youth organization, PUYO wants our members to succeed by giving them opportunities to grow and self-explore.  Through various projects, our members can sharpen and develop important skills needed to succeed in the real world.  We believe that the knowledge of writing an effective resume plays a critical role in success.  This is the reason behind our resume review service.  We provide resume reviewing for those without direct access to career centres.

When you submit your resume for review, we try to match you with a professional from your field of interest.  For example, if you are seeking for a job in accounting, we will try to match the resume with a professional accountant.

The resume review service is already underway and we have received positive feedback from members who have used this service. One member said, “The resume review was really helpful! It helped me craft a resume that can better display my skill sets, which I had lacked. I also received helpful feedback on how to improve my style of writing.”

Now you are probably wondering: “Who are these reviewers?” Well, it’s really no mystery.  They are more experienced PUYO members or alumni. It is an amazing collective effort where older generations of PUYO members gather to help the younger generations; passing on real-world knowledge and skills and helping aspiring candidates to succeed. Our goal may not be simple, but it is clear.

For more information or to submit your resume for review, please email resume@power-unit.org.

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