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PUYO Flashmob 


We will be having the flashmob tentatively in the late afternoon (~3:55PM) on Saturday, July 25 at Night It Up!, and would love to have you join! PUYO has gratefully got some friends who are apart of VYbE Dance Company to help choreograph and teach us our flashmob dance for the year. We are hoping to get as many PUYO-ers and Volunteers as possible to show our PUYO-wide Spirit!

Practice details will come and training video will be provided.

There will be at least 3 in-person rehearsals between July 11th to July 24th. For now, if you are interested…


PAT: Dance Competition

Do you have a thing for dancing and want to show off your skills? Join Coca Cola Presents: Paint-A-Thon’s first ever dance competition for a chance to compete against dozens of other teams and win great prizes!

Located next to Night It Up!, a large audience is to be expected. With judges and professional dancers watching as well, it’s a good way to get noticed!

The competition will be taking place July 25th at 6:30 p.m. Various types of dance will be accepted. Be creative!

Sign up with friends for your 15 minutes of fame now at http://goo.gl/forms/isfdp08m1M !

June Awesome Award

PUYO presents Awesome Awards to individuals who have gone above and beyond their roles throughout the year. The recipient of the Awesome Award gets to pick the next winner.

Recipient of PUYO Awesome Award: Shirley Ng

“June’s Awesome Award goes to an individual who I really admire. Her commitments to the organization are recognizable to all of the members in the Executives Team. She is always there to answer any inquiries, get her jobs done with speed and details, and bring forth awesome suggestions and discussions. It is never easy to pull together a project that is so huge and complicated but not only does she manage to keep everything organized, she also cares for all her members. Most importantly, she does not only think for her own project, but for the benefits of the whole organization itself.

I would like to let her know that her dedication and efforts toPUYO are valued and greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work. You are awesome, Shirley!!”

- Dawn Siu, Vice-President of PUYO

Recipient of E3 Awesome Award: Helen Hu

“This month’s awesome award goes to a member who continues to show excellent commitment and dedication to E3, Helen Hu!

A past participant of the challenge, she is no stranger to working hard and it shows in her work with the recruitment team. Congratulations Helen!”

- Larissa Chiu, The E3 Challenge Communications Coordinator

Recipient of PAT Awesome Award: Kareem Olantinwo

“I have awarded Calvin the June Awesome award as he has been a very supportive and dedicated member of the Outreach Team. He is always on the ball and on top of all tasks and even goes beyond his role by supporting other members of the team. He deserves this award for being an awesome person and hopefully he continues with his superb work ethic and genuine personality”

- Kareem Olantinwo, Paint-A-Thon Outreach Director 

Recipient of NIU! May Awesome Award: Sally Woo  

“This month’s awesome award goes to someone who is always organized, hardworking and dedicated to the team. As her first time taking on this role, she is always giving positive energy to the team and never step down from any challenges. She is never late for meetings and always meet deadlines accordingly. She has motivated me to work harder and to be more organized! Congratulations Sally! Keep up the good work!”

- Rachel Huang, Night It Up! Communications Coordinator 

Annual Awards

Fellow PUYO-ers, have you noticed anyone who has made amazing contributions to PUYO this year? Someone who does more than is asked of them and is always willing to lend a helping hand?
If you think you know someone who deserves to be recognized for their efforts, please check your emails regularly because the PUYO Annual Awards will soon be open for nominations! This is will be your opportunity to ensure their efforts and contributions do not go unnoticed!

PUYO Scholarship

Will you be returning to paid full-time school in September 2015? Are/were you an active member of PUYO within the last 5 years?

The Youth Development team is excited to announce that we will be bringing back the Power Unit Youth Organization Scholarship for students who demonstrate both dedication in volunteer work as well as a balanced academic career.

This scholarship is designed to recognize outstanding PUYOindividuals by providing financial aid to their studies. There will be up to 2 award recipients who will each receive a $500 scholarship. If you are interested in applying please continue to check your emails regularly as we will begin accepting applications in July!

Yellow Brick House Volunteer Day Recap

At the end of June, Yellow Brick House has organized “Days of Giving” and transformed their board room into a grocery shop, for clients to come and take what they need.

Power Unit members volunteered the next day to help clean up and sort out the donated items in the warehouse. Within 2 hours, every item on the table and floor were cleared, and the board room was back to normal.

To learn more about Yellow Brick House, visityellowbrickhouse.org


GenHERation is a female empowerment network for high school girls in which they provide the opportunity to work with national corporations to develop their own advocacy campaigns that address community issues.

During the months of July and August 2015, they will be holding the second GenHERation Summer Leadership Series.
These events will consist of discussions with female executives from different industries, immersive skill-building activities, a social innovation challenge where girls can receive funding to launch their own ventures, and $20,000 in scholarships.

The event will be held in Toronto on July 21st from 6:30-9PM at MaRs Discovery District.

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Paint To Create Workshop



Paint-A-Thon will be hosting a series of outdoor painting workshops called Paint To Create on July 25th at 3PM, 5PM, and7PM at Markham Civic Centre – all taught by an experienced instructor and professional artist, Sylvia Chan. Each workshop runs for 1.5 hours long and features a different theme – themes include: People, Perspective and Possibilities.

Cost: $20 Early Bird Fee (before June 18th) and $25 Regular Fee. ALL ARE WELCOME! No prior experience in art is needed.

Get your tickets here at: https://www.universe.com/paintathon

For more information, check out Paint-A-Thon’s

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/paintathon

May Awesome Award

PUYO presents Awesome Awards to individuals who have gone above and beyond their roles throughout the year. The recipient of the Awesome Award gets to pick the next winner.

Recipient of PUYO Awesome Award: Dawn Siu

“For the May PUYO Awesome Award, I would like to recognize an individual who is very hardworking, committed, dependable, and organized.

I really admire the positive energy she always brings to the team. This individual does not back down from challenges – she has done an amazing job with organizing Annual Planning, as well as providing great support in managing PUYO overall. She is very considerate and takes the initiative to lend a hand and help out, wherever she can.

It has been a great pleasure getting to know her and working with her for the first time this year! This month’s awesome award goes to Dawn Siu! Dawn, I’m very proud of you. Congratulations!”

- Alice Chong, President of PUYO

Recipient of E3 Awesome Award: Larissa Chiu 

“So this month’s awesome award goes to a new member of the E3 family and my close friend, Larissa! I sort of dragged her into E3 and she took on the role of project accountant.

Larissa was completely new to this type of role but was eager to learn about accounting and became quite excited about budgeting and spread sheets.

She is always on top of her work and meets all the deadlines. Not to mention, she makes sure that everyone is on track and always plays an important role at each meeting. She makes it to all our meetings and events and always brings her smile with her! And thats what makes you AWESOME!”

- Fiona Cheung, The E3 Challenge Event Partnership Director


Recipient of PAT Awesome Award: Winnie Yan 

“This month awesome award goes to Kareem, Paint-A-Thon’s Outreach Director. He has been adaptable to changes when he took on this role. He contacted community partners to find opportunities to partner and promote Paint-A-Thon within their event. I hope this award will act as a motivation for Kareem to continue his hard work.”

- Winnie Yan, Paint-A-Thon Marketing Director


Recipient of NIU! April Awesome Award: Franca Tam 

“The April awesome award goes out to an individual who has been at the forefront of driving change in how we execute Night It Up!. From setting up online booth registrations to the integration of PayPal payments she has gone above and beyond her call of duty to set the Night It Up! sales team for future success.

Though juggling both work and Night It Up!, she still manages to provide top notch service to our vendors and effectively train her sales team. This April awesome award goes to none other than Franca Tam.”

– Shirley Ng, Night It Up! Chairperson


Recipient of NIU! May Awesome Award: Rachel Huang 

“May’s awesome award goes out to Rachel Huang. Rachel has been an integral part of our NIU! team in both the Logistics team and as our Communications Coordinator.

She takes initiative, is organized and is always on top of her job. Attending each GM, Rachel has shown patience and commitment time and time again. In her roles, she has made sure that meetings were documented, rooms were booked and has been great at scheduling. Congratulations Rachel!”

- Franca Tam, Night It Up! Sales Director

Endeavour Meeting Recap

PUYO has been working with Endeavour, a non-profit consulting firm, to help with long-term strategic planning. Our Board members, Anita Ko, May Choi and Rosana Zeng worked alongside the Endeavour team for the past 6 months to gather survey results from past team leads, Executives and Board members.

Next steps for PUYO is to evaluate the proposed solutions and start implementation. Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey! Your help has been invaluable to our strategic plans.


Lester B. Pearson C.I. Volunteer Fair Recap

Lester B. Pearson C.I invited PUYO back for their annual volunteer fair on May 19th. The fair is held to allow students to explore and learn more about the various volunteer opportunities that could be found in the area.

PUYO was there to help bring awareness to the organization while emphasizing the chance to participate in the E3 Challenge as well as volunteer at this year’s Night It Up! Night Market.

The event was a great success and the students were all excited and ready to discover a whole new side to volunteering. Thank you Lester B. Pearson C.I for inviting us back this year and hope to see you again next year!

PUYO 2015 Annual Retreat

On May 30th PUYOers enjoyed a fun filled weekend at YMCA Geneva Park for the annual PUYO retreat. Although the weather was gloomy and the bugs came in swarms our members’ spirits were never dampened.

The YMCA staff made sure there was never a dull moment by packing the weekend with kayaking, canoeing, low ropes and many more activities that allowed our members to bond and enjoy the great outdoors away from the busy city life.

It was also our first time inviting Health Out Loud members to the retreat to provide a workshop dealing with conflict resolution and building/maintaining long term working relationships.

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Volunteer Opportunity – 11th Asian Community Games 2015

We are looking for volunteers to assist with the Asian Community Games 2015 (ACG)! The event runs from June 6th to 20th – hosted at various locations in GTA. ACG especially needs help with the Opening Ceremony on Sunday, June 7th at10:30AM at the Centennial Park Stadium in Etobicoke.

For more information, please check out the website: www.acgames.ca. If you have any questions, please e-mail info@acgames.ca.

To sign-up for this volunteer opportunity, please complete the Google Form here: http://bit.ly/1bpjFTz

April Awesome Award

PUYO presents Awesome Awards to individuals who have gone above and beyond their roles throughout the year. The recipient of the Awesome Award gets to pick the next winner.

Recipient of PUYO Awesome Award: Alice Chong 

“April’s Awesome Award goes to an individual who shows great passion and diligence to a position that demands much of their time. They fully dedicate themselves and go above and beyond their tasks and responsibilities to ensure that Power Unit Youth Organization is run smoothly. This person has devoted themselves to bringing the passion and commitment out of youths with leadership opportunities. And further continues to enhance operational processes within our organization while juggling a very busy professional life. And for realz, I really would have no idea how to handle the things this person does if I was in their position. Therefore, I am very honored to present Alice Chong, our very amazing president for this month’s Awesome Award.”

- Cindy Lee, PUYO Communications Coordinator

Recipient of E3 Awesome Awards: Fiona Cheung

“Leading a whole team while being the youngest is no easy feat, but the recipient of the first E3 Awesome Award of 2015 is someone that not only shows strong leadership skills and stands her ground while being the youngest, but also leads meetings and motivates everyone by setting examples. She is not afraid to get rejected and makes mistakes when being thrown with the task of cold-emailing and prospecting for partnerships. Also, she is always on top of her schedule and is very self-motivated, so I think she is very awesome. All E3′ers can learn from her! I am very proud to present this award to our very own Event Partnerships Director, someone
Endearing, Eager, and always so Eloquent…Fiona Cheung!”

- Jenny Cui, The E3 Challenge Chairperson

Recipient of PAT Awesome Award: Winnie Yan 

“Her team has been solid throughout the event planning. Winnie has been on top of tasks, and sets a great example for people on her team. She sets a great example to PAT members in terms of being persistent and getting things done efficiently. Throughout the year so far, she and her team has had some great ideas in terms of promoting the event on social media. She let’s her members know what is happening, and consistently communicates with her team. Besides being a lead, she makes an awesome team player. She deserves this awesome award this month.”

- Sylvia Chan, PAT Co-Chairperson

Recipient of NIU! Awesome Award: TBD

PUYO Retreat

This year’s retreat will be taking place at the beautiful YMCA Geneva Park from May 30-31st. It will be an opportunity relax, bond and enjoy a weekend outdoors with your fellow PUYO members.

There will be plenty of activities like canoeing, capture the flag and low ropes. If you would like to take part on this amazing experience please follow the instructions in a previously sent out email titled “PUYO Retreat at YMCA Geneva Park 2015″ and register before May 17th. If you have any further questions please feel free to email Mandy at mandy.ng@power-unit.org.

E3 Alumni 2014 Reunion 

The 2014 E3 Challenge Alumni Reunion dinner held on March 22at Kelsey’s Bar and Grill was a great opportunity for last year’s E3 family to finally reunite again, along with some special guests from the Board of Directors. Everyone had an amazing time reconnecting with each other and seeing what their friends (or should I say family) were up to. Not to mention, the free dessert was a sweeeet hit too. Until next time, E3 fam!

PUYO Community Outreach 

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination event
In celebration of diversity, Power Unit Youth Organization was invited by the York Regional Police to host a booth at the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination event, along with other community organizations. The event was held on April 12th, 2015 at the Markham Event Centre – filled with live performances, food, and community displays.

Opportunities Fair at ICE Conference
The E3 Challenge went to OOSS’ ICE Conference, and it was a success! Many high school students learned about the amazing opportunities that The E3 Challenge presents, and were eager to sign up. Applications are still currently being accepted.
If you have any questions, please e-mail e3challenge@power-unit.org

Beneficiary – Mother’s Day Bake Sale

PUYO is celebrating this Mother’s Day with a bake sale fundraiser for our beneficiary, Yellow Brick House to honour all the moms out there.

Specials thanks to Charming Desserts for sponsoring the strawberry rose flavoured macarons.

ALL proceeds go towards our beneficiary, Yellow Brick House, an organization that provides services to empower abused women and children to lead violence free lives. To learn more, please visit yellowbrickhouse.org

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