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Mayor Scarpitti’s Annual Chinese New Year Dinner Celebration

Power Unit Youth Organization was invited by Mayor Frank Scarpitti’s staff to volunteer at the Mayor’s Chinese New Year Dinner. The event was held on March 5th, 2015 at the Markham Events Centre. It was an amazing night filled with delicious food and wonderful performances, with over 900 attendees.

Thanks to those who volunteered at the event: Anita Ko, Rosana Zeng, Laura You, Joe Li, Eric Li, Franca Tam, Alice Chong, Cindy Lee, Shirley Ng, Chris Yau, Tian Hu, Eddie Wang, Jenny Cui, Jerry Wong, Brian Pan, Charles Lau, Cassidy Lo, Ling Chung, Alexandra Lam, and Kareem Olatinwo. A special thanks to Oscar Fong, our PUYO Events Representative for coordinating the volunteers for this event!


March Awesome Award

PUYO presents Awesome Awards to individuals who have gone above and beyond their roles throughout the year. The recipient of the Awesome Award gets to pick the next winner.

Recipient of PUYO Awesome Award: Cindy Lee


“I’d like to present the March Awesome Award to an individual who has shown great commitment and ability to a position that demands much, but can often reward little. This individual executes many of the Power Unit Youth Organization’s key responsibilities on a daily basis in a consistent manner. She ensures that meetings and meeting locations PUYO-wide are run smoothly, and is given the difficult task of making sense of the multitude of opinions that flow back and forth during Executive Meetings (quite the feat!). I’d like to congratulate Cindy Lee on this month’s Awesome Award for her amazing performance as the PUYO Communications Coordinator.”

- Jasen Xiang, PUYO Events Director (Presented by Alice Chong on behalf of Jasen Xiang.)

PUYO Bowling Night

On March 20th, PUYO members spent the Friday night together at Club 300 Bowl playing bowling. Competition was fierce as players faced off each other. All in all, it was a joyful and memorable night. Stay tune for the next PUYO social event!

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Wow can you believe we are already a quarter way through the year? Time sure flies! Let’s see what PUYO has been up to this past month!

PUYO Annual Planning Presentation Day


On February 21st, we had our PUYO Annual Planning Presentation Day, where all the teams across PUYO presented their plans for the year.

It was a great learning opportunity for everyone to get to understand all the teams across the organization. Looking forward to seeing all the plans come to reality in the next couple of months!

February Awesome Award


PUYO presents Awesome Awards to individuals who have gone above and beyond their roles throughout the year. The recipient of the Awesome Award gets to pick the next winner.

Recipient of PUYO Awesome Award: Jasen Xiang 

“February’s Awesome Award goes to someone who, despite having a very busy professional life of their own, consistently fulfills their role at PUYO with professionalism, passion, and diligence.They joined PUYO solely to give back to the community and have proven again and again that they are really dedicated to that cause. From the moment they were given their first major responsibility—planning PUYO’s first ever career conference—they tackled the task with ease and demonstrated a genuine enjoyment for contributing to community initiatives. Even though PUYO is mainly just a pastime for them, they have shown a real dedication to PUYO culture and values. That’s why February’s Awesome Award is going to Jasen Xiang, our Events Director this year.” – Maggie Cheung, PUYO Sponsorship Director

PUYO Board Election Results

On February 21st, the following 3 people have been acclaimed by the voting members of the organization to the Board of Directors for a 3 year term:

1) Annabel Lee (19 Vote Yes, 9 Vote Abstain)
2) Chris Yau (23 Vote Yes, 5 Vote Abstain)
3) Rosana Zeng (26 Vote Yes, 2 Vote No)


Beneficiary Presentation Day


28 members from teams across PUYO were in attendance for the Beneficiary Presentation Day. We had invited presenters from SIck Kids Foundation, Children of Hope Uganda & Yellow Brick House. After an informative session, we had an open discussion with our members to ask questions and give comments on each of the candidates, to get us all on the same page on our considerations from the organization’s perspective. We encouraged the members to vote on one that they are most passionate about.

Then we conducted the voting system using a ranking method, asking members to list their choices from first to last. The first choice gets 1 point, the last gets 3 points. In the end, the one with the lowest points in total wins.

Sick Kids Foundation – 73
Children of Hope Uganda – 71
Yellow Brick House – 54

We are proud to announce that our Beneficiary of 2015
is Yellow Brick House.

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Opportunities at Toronto Police


Toronto Police has a couple opportunities for members who:
A. Is interested in policing/ law enforcement/ community safety.
B. Is looking for a great summer part time job.
C. Wants to add a community/ gov’t experience onto their resume.
D. All of the above.

Opportunity 1.
Toronto Police Community Committee – Community Policing Cadet is looking for a youth Board Member, preferably post-secondary student. Note: This is a board member position, therefore, the candidate does not have to be a cadet.
The requirement for this position:
- Passionate about the community.
- Well versed in Social Media
- Experienced volunteer
- Ability to attend about 7 – 9 meetings per year + special events.

Opportunity 2.
Summer job opportunity. Kindly see attachment for detail.

A recommendation is required for Opportunity #1. If you feel you are a good fit for Opportunity #1 or if you have any questions, please email Heather Lee at hpylee@gmail.com

January Awesome Award

PUYO presents Awesome Awards to individuals who have gone above and beyond their roles throughout the year. The recipient of the Awesome Award gets to pick the next winner.


Recipient of PUYO Awesome Award: Maggie Cheung

“This month’s awesome award goes to someone who is incredibly passionate about her work with PUYO. She is someone that will constantly inspire and motivate others to go above and beyond. Despite having to juggle school, work and volunteering she is always on top of things. Just within the few months she’s taken on her role, she is already actively thinking about and seeking potential partnership opportunities for PUYO. She is an amazing person to work alongside as well as a great leader and role model. This month’s awesome award recipient is none other than Maggie Cheung! Congratulations!”
- Mandy Ng, PUYO Youth Development Director

Paint-A-Thon News


And so the planning officially begins! Paint-A-Thon just wrapped up their first GM on the 17th, so thank you to all those who came out!
Members were able to meet with their teams as well as other Paint-A-Thon members and it was a meeting filled with productivity, planning, laughs, and of course, some ice breakers.
The new structure was officially introduced so don’t miss out on what we have planned next!
Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

UofT Co-Curricular Involvement and Mentorship Fair


The E3 Challenge went to the University of Toronto and set up a booth in their Co-Curricular Involvement and Mentorship Fair. A handful of students were very interested in the challenge– success! E3 is continuing to look for other boothing opportunities in conferences and fairs.

If you have any connections or ideas, give them a shout @thee3challenge on Facebook, or shoot a quick email to emilie.chan@power-unit.org.

Yellow Brick House Charity Visit


Thanks to all the PUYOers who came out to visit and learn more about one of Night It Up! 2015 potential beneficiaries,Yellow Brick House.  

We met with Jacquie, an educator for the charity, who gave us insights of domestic violence/abuse to children and women. It was a huge reality shock to hear
that women and children living near to us are highly affected
by these relationships.
Yellow Brick House provides support to those women and children abused by providing a shelter, preventative measures, education/outreach programs and initiatives that we, as youth can all relate to and support.

On top of gaining some insightful information, Jacquie showed us around their warehouse, where we really got a sense of how much effort and time are put into this charity.

“I like that this charity serves our local community in Markham”- Alice Chong, President of PUYO. With 3 shelter locations, and a ton of volunteers expanded in the GTA, Yellow Brick house has surely made a philanthropic impact in our community.

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