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PUYO Executive Elections

With the success of our projects, Night It Up!, The E3 Challenge and Paint-A-Thon, it’s time to thank and award the hard work and efforts of our Executive Team, Project Chairs and organization wide teams, such as Web Team, Creative Team and the Beneficiary Team.

Please join us:

Date: Saturday, October 4th, 2014
Time: 1-4pm
Place: TCCC Room 206

We will be:
- Presenting awards to the Executive Team, Project Chairs and org-wide teams
- Presenting the winners of the Annual Awards
- Electing the PUYO Executive Team of 2014-2015

Come out and thank those who have worked hard this past year, and to welcome next year’s team!

E3 Awards Ceremony


The E3 Challenge has finally concluded after a grueling two months of blood, sweat, and tears. The participants all reaped their rewards one-by-one as they were called to receive their certificates of completion of the program, with a few lucky teams winning each of the three individual challenges.

Participants who went above and beyond their simple roles as team members were recognized and presented with their team MVP Award as well. The first challenge with NIU! saw Team C.L.E.A.R. take the prize, and the second challenge with Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada saw Team Kryptomite take the stage. Finally, the third and last challenge with Sun Life Financial center 14 revealed Team C.L.E.A.R. once again taking the win. Taking two of the three challenges, it was clear that the winning team was also Team C.L.E.A.R.!

Nothing worth achieving comes easy, and the participants and organizing team of The E3 Challenge 2014 have come to know this to be true. We hope that this lesson helps all involved with The E3 Challenge this year, that we all now have the confidence to face any challenge life throws our way, and that everyone has enjoyed the program as much as we have had organizing throughout this E3 year. A big warm welcome and congratulations to the E3 family of 2014!

Service Awards:
Event Partnership Director: Fiona Cheung
Promotions Director: Eric Guan
Recruitment Director: Jenny Cui
Project Coordinator: Vincent Chan

Special Awards:
The E3 Challenge Most Spirited Award: Fiona Cheung
The E3 Challenge Most Improved Award: Eric Guan
The E3 Challenge Most Valuable Player: Jenny Cui

PUYO Annual Awards

Nominate–there’s nothing to it;
Recognize that PU Spirit!

Let’s recognize our PUYO superstars and unsung heroes!

Nominate any PUYO member who you feel best deserves one of these awards:

1. PUYO Spirit Award

2. PUYO Most Improved Award

3. PUYO Above & Beyond Award


Submit your nomination here by August 31st.

Nominations will be reviewed by the PUYO Awards Committee, and awards will be presented at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) tentatively scheduled for October 4, 2014.

Got questions? Email awards@power-unit.org for more information!

Good luck!

NIU! and PAT Awards Ceremony


After another successful Night It Up! and Paint-A-Thon, the annual awards ceremony was held on the 24th to recognize those that went above and beyond. It was also a time to just sit back and enjoy the fact that after a year of hard work and planning it all paid off. It was an evening full of food, socializing and games. Despite not having prizes for those that won the games, everyone still gave 200% and had an amazing time. It was a great way to conclude the year and recognize those that went above and beyond for both NIU! and PAT. Thank you to all those that were able to make it out!

Below is a list of all the award recipients:

NIU! Awards

Service Awards
Communications Coordinator – Rachel Huang
Project Accountant – Kamila Tan
Logistics Director – Chris Yau
Marketing Director – Dawn Siu
Stage Director – Xiao Lin Guo
Sales Director – Franca Tam
Volunteer Resources Director – Jenny Su

Special Awards
Night It Up! Most Valuable Player – Vincent Chan
Night It Up! Most Improved Award – Dawn Siu
Night It Up! Most Dedicated Award – Mandy Ng
Logistics Rookie of the Year – Vincent Chan
Logistics Most Valuable Player – Jason Sekiguchi
Logistics Most Valuable Player – Jielun He
Marketing Rookie of the Year – Matthew Yeo
Marketing Most Valuable Player – Janice Chu
Stage Rookie of the Year – Sophia Tan
Stage Most Valuable Player – Jessica Chen
Sales Rookie of the Year – Newton Zheng
Sales Most Valuable Player – Dan Nguyen
Volunteer Resources Rookie of the Year – Jason Su
Volunteer Resources Most Valuable Player – Mandy Ng

PAT Awards

Service Awards
Communications Coordinator – Irum Chorghay
Project Accountant – Wing-Ka Tsang
Logistics Director – Ivy Chan
Outreach Director – Emma Huang
Promotions Director – Allison Lai

Special Awards
Paint-A-Thon Most Valuable Player – Oscar Yuen
Paint-A-Thon Most Spirited Award – Winnie Yan
Paint-A-Thon Rookie of the Year – Phoebe Au

Level Up! Career Conference

Level Up! Career Conference (Level Up!) was founded by Power Unit Youth Organization in June 2014 and is one of the first high school focused career conferences in the GTA. Level Up! was created to provide high school students with the opportunity to learn about and explore career paths by connecting with real world professionals.

To ensure that our event is successful, we need outgoing students to volunteer and help promote this event among your schools, as well as helping out the day of the event. If you have been chosen as your school’s representative then you have the crucial task of connecting with your fellow student body to advertise this event, on top of helping out on the day of.

We would like to congratulate our current student ambassadors, Brenden Lau, Anita Zhao and Aikeda Ahemaiti. Applications are still open and we encourage everyone to apply at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iEDzI9oXnZ9qDSXBi8xKhOeVCssS9n-Zrv1psX4_ebk/viewform

PUYO Cheque Ceremony


On August 16th, Rosana Zeng, our very own PUYO President presented the total funds raised – $10,000 – from our projects: Night It Up! Night Market, The E3 Challenge, and Paint-A-Thon to our year 2014 beneficiary, UNITY Charity at the annual PUYO Cheque Ceremony. Honoured guests included Ward 8 Councilor Alex Chiu, City of Markham.

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Deadline: Sept 12, 2014

Will you be returning to paid full-time school in September 2014? Are/were you an active member of Power Unit Youth Organization within the last 5 years?

The Youth Development team is excited to introduce our very own Power Unit Youth Organization Scholarship for students who demonstrate both dedication in volunteer work as well as a balanced academic career. This scholarship is designed to recognize outstanding PUYO individuals by providing financial aid to their studies. There will be up to 2 award recipients who will each receive a $500 scholarship. To apply, please review the Scholarship Eligibility & Rules and complete the Application Form attached with appropriate supporting documents and email these documents to melissa.ho@power-unit.org no later than September 12th, 2014. Good luck!

Click here to Download 2014 PUYO Scholarship Eligibility & Rules

Click here to download 2014 PUYO Scholarship Application Form


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NIU! Thank You & Highlights

Prior to the biggest three-day event of the year, a pre-briefing was held to ensure all logistics of the night market was shared. Last minute preparations brought our team together and we all hoped that the year of hard work would pay off within the three days of Night It Up!. The weather forecast didn’t look too bright for the event; but with enough finger-crossing, we got sunshine and lots of it! The team managed to pull together a variety of vendors ranging from fruit juices, bubble teas, liquid nitrogen ice-creams and saucy grilled meats and seafood! You would not believe how long the lines were for something as simple as teppanyaki style squid or grilled mini quail eggs. Not only did we offer food, but also entertainment and family fun! Walking around the event, you could definitely spot family time being spent watching sports tournaments provided by CCYAA Sports Zone, and enjoying Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival’s outdoor movie screening. This year we definitely managed to target all age groups. But the most memorable part of Night it Up! has to be the friendly and familiar faces you end up bumping into at this festival. Reunions, get-togethers or even unplanned gatherings can always be found at this annual event.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Night It Up! 2014 such a success. From our organizers to our volunteers, the event would not have been the same without each one of you. I hope you guys are all as proud as I am of the fact that Night It Up! closed off its 13th successful year. It’s time for you all to kick back, relax and come join us on August 24th for our volunteer appreciation party and awards ceremony. Details to come soon!

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PAT Thank You & Highlights

After months of planning, preparing materials, gathering vendors, and some last minute preparations, Paint-A-Thon 2014 finally became a reality on Jul.12 2014. With the sun shining and smiles on everyone’s faces, the PAT team managed to present a variety of booths and of course beautiful artwork you wouldn’t find anywhere else! Besides all the painting itself, Paint-A-Thon also offered a variety of games and activities for everyone. You could hear endless laughter and shouts from all corners of the Paint-A-Thon site! Whether it be at the Paint Gun Blast booth or the Competition going on, this year’s event managed to once again bring everyone together while having a blast!

A huge shoutout to all those who helped make Paint-A-Thon 2014 happen! From our organizers and PAT members, to all the volunteers, the event wouldn’t have been possible without your efforts! I hope you guys had fun and are as happy as I am to have been part of such an amazing event. Don’t forget to join us August 24th for our volunteer appreciation party and awards ceremony with NIU!. Thank you all once again and enjoy the rest of your summer!

July Awesome Award

Every month, PUYO hands out Awesome Awards to individuals who have shown initiative and gone above and beyond in their role. The recipients of the Awesome Award gets to pick the next winner. Below are PUYO’s June Awesome Award Recipients!

Recipient of PUYO Awesome Award: Cheryl Ng

unnamed (4)

“July’s awesome award goes to an individual who leads a busy life volunteering her time both in and out of PUYO. Not only does she do a great job at her role organizing events and communicating with external partners, she lends a hand on Night It Up! event day to teams in need. Please join me in congratulating Cheryl Ng, the recipient of the July awesome award.” – Shirley Ng, Chairperson of Night It Up!

Recipient of NIU! Awesome Award: Jielun He

unnamed (5)

“I am proud to say that this month’s Night It Up! 2014 Awesome Award goes to the amazing, hard working, talented, and handsome, Jielun He! Pulling off an amazing job as Logistics Associate and Night It Up!’s official “Traffic Guy”, Jielun has dedicated countless hours into organizing and leading many vital aspects of the event. Working alongside him, I was able to sense the contagious energy and commitment he brought to the team. Jielun truly cares about the work he puts forward, and because of this, Night It Up! 2014 was accomplished with minimal complications. Congratulations to Jielun He on the Awesome Award, he deserves it!” – Vincent Chan, Night It Up! Logistic Team Member

Recipient of E3 Awesome Award: Alex Yeung

unnamed (6)

“For this month’s awesome award, I am very honoured to present it to Alex Yeung! He has been a great partner throughout the challenge and a team player. Although he is younger than me, he has done an amazing job in educating me with his previous E3 experience! My PA adventure wouldn’t be as exciting without his contributions! Stay awesome!”- Virginia Wong, Recipient of June E3 Awesome Award

Recipient of PAT Awesome Award: Oscar Yuen and Andrew Li

unnamed (7)

“This month’s awesome awards goes to two very special and helpful people , Oscar Yuen and Andrew Li. Both of them helped choreograph the PAT flash mob as well as plan the Escape it game during the appreciation party. Throughout the event, Oscar and Andrew took the initiative to helped with different tasks from all Paint-A-Thon teams when it was needed . Both of them have show initiative countless times and displayed their leadership skills during the event. Once again, congratulations to Oscar and Andrew , you both are awesome!!!” – Hillary Hung, Vice-Chairperson of Paint-A-Thon

To read more about the past winners click here!

PAT Activity of the Month: Networking Event

unnamed (8)

“Art is…. anything you want it to be…”

Each pair had a section of the bigger art piece. When we put it all together, the words read “Art is..” and the rest is however they interpreted that piece they made.

PAT Reflection Day

unnamed (9)

On this day, we had our brainstorming session with the boat drawing, where members write down the positives, negatives, and unpredictable circumstances on it. Afterwards, the teams went in their separate teams to do decentralization, and to break down their tasks. After the busy and productive meetings, we had food, and shared our year end PAT Video made by Oscar! Afterwards, we split into teams to play DIY ESP-IT by Andrew and Oscar.

Who would have thought a DIY ESP-IT would be that much fun!

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