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Welcome 2015-2016 PUYO Executive Team

Please give a warm welcome to the new 2015-2016 Executive Team!

President: Dawn Siu
Vice-President: Rachel Huang
Finance Director: Raymond Zhang
Youth Development Director: Jessica Wong
Events Director: Winnie Yan
Sponsorship Director: Jasper Lam
PR and Marketing Director: Jane Fu
Night It Up! Chairperson: Franca Tam
Night It Up! Vice-Chairperson: Laura You & Xiao Lin Guo
The E3 Challenge Chairperson: Emilie Chan

PUYO 2015 Leadership Conference

The start of a new PUYO year marks the assembly of new PUYO Teams.
It also means the PUYO Leadership Conference is back!

On Saturday, November 14th, leaders of PUYO will be gathering to get to know each other, and to build a foundation for the coming year.

The Conference is an opportunity for PUYO to invest in our leaders – providing them guidance, support, and a network of experienced PUYOers.

If you want more information about the PUYO Leadership Conference, please contact Rosana at rosana.zeng@power-unit.org.

PUYO Orientation 

Our Annual Orientation is taking place very soon for this PUYO year!

If you are interested in volunteering, giving back to the community, and gaining new experiences, join us at Orientation on Saturday, November 28 to learn about the organization and the various teams you can join.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Jessica atjessica.wong@power-unit.org.

PUYO 2016 Beneficiary Presentation

The top 3 beneficiaries are: Orbis Canada, Raising the Roof, Daily Bread Food Bank.

The PUYO Beneficiary Team will be in contact with them shortly and invite them to present to our members for the final round of voting, which will take place on Saturday, December 5, 12 pm – 2 pm in Room 306, TCCC.

For more info on the candidates:
Orbis Canada (can.orbis.org)
Raising the Roof (raisingtheroof.org)
Daily Bread Food Bank (dailybread.ca)


On October 17, PUYO once again had the opportunity to take part in Ignite Fair. Ignite Fair brings many organizations together so that youth can get the opportunity to become involved in organizations that they like. It was amazing to meet and talk with many of you. We’d like to thank Ignite Fair for having us. We hope to see many of you at the orientation on November 28th, 2015!

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PUYO 2015 Executive Election and Awards Ceremony 

On September 19th, we hosted the PUYO Executive Election and Awards Ceremony, in welcoming our new Executive Team for PUYO 2015-2016 and celebrating the achievements of the outgoing PUYO 2014-2015 team. Thank you so much to all PUYO members for your time and commitment throughout the year!

The recipients are the following:

PUYO Awards Ceremony
Service Awards:
Board of Directors, Treasurer: May Liu
Board of Directors, Operations Compliance & Control: Jerry Wong
Board of Directors, Sponsorship: Kester Ng
Board of Directors, Member: May Choi
Board of Directors, Member: Anita Ko
President: Alice Chong
Vice-President: Dawn Siu
Finance Director: Emily Law
Youth Development Director: Mandy Ng
Public Relations and Marketing Director: Christina Li
Sponsorship Director: Maggie Cheung
Communications Coordinator: Cindy Lee
Creative Director: Evan Ling
Web Director: Tian Hu
Queen’s University Chapter Co-President: Keira Mckee
Queen’s University Chapter Co-President: Laya Polowin
Night It Up! Chairperson: Shirley Ng
Night It Up! Vice-Chairperson: Laura You
The E3 Challenge Chairperson: Jenny Cui
Paint-A-Thon Co-Chairperson: Sylvia Chan
Paint-A-Thon Co-Chairperson: Chris Yau
Paint-A-Thon Vice-Chairperson: Irum Chorghay

Special Awards:
Finance Team Most Valuable Player: Elaine Giang
Youth Development Team Most Valuable Player: Noel Ng
Public Relations and Marketing Team Most Valuable Player: Cheryl Ng
Public Relations and Marketing Team Most Valuable Player: Jordan Young
Sponsorship Team Most Valuable Player: Derrick Fung
Events Planning Team Most Valuable Player: Jessica Wong
Creative Team Most Valuable Player: Annessa Kwok
Web Team Most Valuable Player: Jason Manson-Hing
University Chapter Most Valuable Player, Queen’s University Chapter: Charlotte Clutson
Beneficiary Team Most Valuable Player: Jerry Wong
Leadership Award: May Choi
Leadership Award: Anita Ko

PUYO Scholarship Winners:
Jenny Cui
Mandy Ng

Annual Awards Winners:
PUYO Rookie of the Year: Sally Woo
PUYO Spirit: Mandy Ng
PUYO Outstanding Dedication: Winnie Yan
PUYO Above and Beyond: Rachel Huang

Beneficiary: Call Out for PUYO 2016 Beneficiary

A new year has begun! We are asking all of you to nominate a charity that you want for PUYO’s beneficiary in 2016. We want to know what you care and passionate about. PUYO has worked with charities of different causes and sizes in the past. Please do some research and find one that you want to support!

Just simply fill out this form for your nomination. Make sure your nominee fits within our criteria.

We will compile all the names to a list, then all PUYO members will vote for 3 that they are most interested in. The top 3 will be invited to present to our members, and they will cast one final vote.

For questions and inquiries, please contact Frankie at beneficiary@power-unit.org

PUYO at Toronto Reel Asian TIFF Cocktail Party 

On September 14th, Power Unit Youth Organization was honored to attended the cocktail reception hosted by Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival in celebration of Aisan filmmakers at TIFF at Pear King Restaurant.

It was an incredible night and we would like to thank Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival for its continue support for PUYO!

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Night It Up! and Paint-A-Thon 2015

After months of hard work and preparation – from Annual Planning to Implementation to Execution – Night It Up! 2015 and Paint-A-Thon 2015 finally became realities from July 24 to 26, 2015! Weather forecast predictions were unfavourable, but with our fingers crossed, we got lots of sunshine! As a team, we managed to organize one of the most vibrant events in the GTA! We had entertainment from local performers, outdoor social painting workshops, games and activities, merchandise, SportsZone from our long-term partner CCYAA, and outdoor movie screening from Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. In addition, we had a variety of food vendors ranging from grilled meats and seafood, ice-cream, ramen burgers, poutine, fruit juices, and bubble teas.

Thank you so much to all our organizers and volunteers who helped made Night It Up! 2015 and Paint-A-Thon 2015 such a success! Don’t forget to join us at our Volunteer Appreciation Party and Awards Ceremony in August. More details to come!

Annual Awards – Accepting Nominations Now!

Fellow PUYO-ers, have you noticed anyone who has made amazing contributions to PUYO this year? Someone who does more than is asked of them and is always willing to lend a helping hand?

If you think you know someone who deserves to be recognized for their efforts, please submit your nomination here by August 15th, 2015! This is will be your opportunity to ensure their efforts and contributions do not go unnoticed! Got questions? Email awards@power-unit.org for more information!

July Awesome Award

PUYO presents Awesome Awards to individuals who have gone above and beyond their roles throughout the year. The recipient of the Awesome Award gets to pick the next winner.

Recipient of PUYO Awesome Award: Laura You
“For the July awesome award, I’d like to recognize someone who has stepped up and performed above and beyond in the months leading to Night It Up!. Juggling midterms and work, she amazes me with her level of commitment to Night It Up! This month’s awesome award goes to the one and only Night It Up! Vice Chairperson, Laura You!”

– Shirley Ng, NIU! Chairperson

Recipient of E3 Awesome Award: Eddie Wang

“This month’s awesome award goes to a very strong and independent individual- the only man as a lead on the organizing team- Eddie Wang! I’ve known Eddie since last year while participating in the challenge as team members. As a leader, he does not force his beliefs or work onto his members, leaving room for discussion and allocating time consuming projects to himself. His continuous dedication and relentless encouragement is what enabled E3 to find so many talented members this year. Without his steady encouragement and presence at team meetings and interviews, we would not have met the time-pressing deadlines required for E3 to successfully function. Thank you for all the times you’ve excused us for being tardy, and your many rides home!”

– Helen Hu, The E3 Challenge Recruitment Team

Recipient of PAT Awesome Award: Brian Pan

“The PAT Sponsorship Leader. Congratulations Brian Pan for winning July Awesome Award! He got over 34 awards and prizes for Paint-A-Thon this year with his persistency and goal-setting. The team is thankful for his contribution in getting numerous prizes in JUST ONE MONTH. Also, want to mention, for his attitude and encouragement for the project this year!”

– Calvin Cheung, Paint-A-Thon Member

Recipient of NIU! May Awesome Award: Evan Ling

“I’m dedicating July’s Awesome Award to recognize someone who has been awesome all year round. His team was crucial in helping shape this year’s NIU! theme, and we’ve always received our completed requests on time. I’ve seen him mentor his team members – patiently teaching them and letting them practice the new skill on a current project. This, to me, signifies a true embodiment of PUYO’s values – empowerment of youth. Thank you for being so awesome, Evan Ling and the Creative Team!”

– Sally Woo, NIU! Marketing Director

Scholarship Program – Applications Are Now Opened 

Will you be returning to paid full-time school in September 2015?  Have you been an active member of Power Unit Youth Organization for at least 2 years?

The Youth Development team is excited to announce that we are bringing back the Power Unit Youth Organization Scholarship for students who demonstrate both dedication in volunteer work as well as a balanced academic career.  This scholarship is designed to recognize outstanding PUYO individuals by providing financial aid to their studies.  There will be up to 2 award recipients who will each receive a $500 scholarship.

To apply, please review the Scholarship Eligibility & Rules and complete the Application Form attached with appropriate supporting documents and email these documents to rosana.zeng@power-unit.org no later than August 28th, 2015.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact both rosana.zeng@power-unit.org and may.choi@power-unit.org. Good luck!

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